Health & Safety Management

Employers should have a clear and defined method of managing Health and Safety in their workplace and all of their activities.

To help you comply with the law, the HSE encourages a common-sense and
practical approach to managing health and safety. It should be part of the
everyday process of running an organisation and an integral part of workplace behaviours and attitudes.

The model approach of managing health and safety is ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ and is designed to be a continuous circle of improvement rather than a once-and-for-all action.

Good management of health and safety can deliver far more than just achieving legal compliance. By doing things well it can improve your operational efficiency, performance,
improve employee morale, enhance reputation and generate financial savings.

How can we support you?

Plan your management system

Like people, every business is different, this is why we take a personal approach in getting to understand your business, your needs and what you want to achieve. We will take time to help you understand and plan your health & safety management system so that is designed to specifically to suit your business and how it can be effectively and efficiently delivered.

Analyse your business

With any plan, before you map a route of where you want to get to you need to know where you are now. We carry out an initial review to identify the risks, determine what could cause harm and who could be effected. From this we will determine the priorities, what the biggest risks are and formulate a plan of how you can achieve your goals.

Check & Assess Controls

By measuring your performance we can help you to identify how well your 
plan is progressing and that you are achieving your aims. Where necessary we can then adjust the plan to suit.

We want to ensure that everything you do will be for the benefit of the business and the people who work within it. We will help you to develop systems and controls by consulting and communicating with your employees and other stakeholders. This is so your plan can grow and become effective.

Act, adjust and improve

It is important to understand what works and what doesn’t. Health & safety must be looked at as a continuous review and improvement process. We can carry out a full audit and review of your management system and check your performance. From this we can help you decide where action is required and what policies need updating.